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Special Ed

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What is a BEST FRIEND ?! [30 Dec 2006|06:43pm]
I think I have a long way to come to realize who my real friends are and for now there are some who have made a lasting impression...and some that haven't. To keep them as friends is my choice, and choosing between them being an aquaintance or a friend is based on the human emotions they have had with me and intelectual process in mind. Treat me as I want to be treated for I have treated you far superior than a friend for you just to f*** me over like that.

So...what do you think classifies a

Best friend?

Close friend?
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El Paso flooding 2006 tribute [06 Aug 2006|10:28pm]

My Grandma and the rest of my family are very lucky. I hope the rain stops, last I heard it still was rainning.
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Turn The Music Up! [04 Aug 2006|11:59pm]
Went looking around for digital cameras, stopped by Comp USA (Which is shutting down btw at the mall)

and me, my friend, and my brother had my Ipod....at Comp USA they have this dock for my Ipod with speakers...we were listening to my music up loud and the guys from Comp USA were all singing and clapping to the music...kinda happy to hear some rock since all they listen to is Rap in the store.

Haha then I got compliments "You got great taste in music"

ITS NOT MY FAULT, ITS THE MUSIC's fault for being so good, im just another fan.

We were listening to Rage Against The Machine first, then some Van Halen, and then to end it, some Rush and Peter Frampton....this old man that worked there said that the music brought back memories, he had a big smile on his face...like he was caught in a trance in some sort of nice flashback to his teen years.

Made me think, wow how times have changed but yet the music still exists...imagine how the times were back then?
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[01 Aug 2006|11:02pm]
[ mood | worried ]

I got word from my Mom that there were flash floods in El Paso, Texas. They were so bad that the Governer declared El Paso a disaster zone.

I called my Grandma, Aunt Arlene, Uncle Steve, and Mannie to see if they were okay. Luckily my grandma has a high risen house so her place didnt get soaked on the floor. So everyone is at my Grandma's. The area where my uncle lives near Coronado High School (My Dad's highschool) has mud and debris everywhere.

My uncle got stuck in a bad part of the flooded street....you see him pushing the car with a brown hat?

That's him along with some nice people pushing his company car out of the water. The engine hydro-locked (water got inside the engine) so he had it towed to my Grandma's.

They say it may get worst, if it does, me and my brother will probably make the 13 hour drive to go pick them up to have a place to stay...my Mom & Dad are too busy working to make the drive but I would. So I hope that the rain will stop and let the Rio Grande take the water away.

So yeah I wait...they are evacuating people in some parts so I hope it doesn't come to that where my Grandma lives.

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[25 Jul 2006|11:25pm]
Instructions: Name 10 of life's simple pleasures
that you like the most, then pick 10 people to do the same.
Try to be original and creative; try not to use things that
someone else has already used.

1. Driving
2. Walking with friends
3. Hawaiin Punch
4. Taking Pictures
5. Listening to music
6. Dressing up for family (tie, slacks, dress shoes)
7. Getting wet (beach, garden hose, super soakers, lake)
8. Smiling
9. High Five
10. Ice for my Hawaiin Punch

10 people
Chris, Kat, Jenn Jenn , Angel, Jeff, Kiko, Jasmine, Krystal, Kelly, and soon to have one is Elmer
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[24 Jul 2006|03:00am]
I cant fuckin sleep again!! And what's with the fuckin' ants!! Theyre all over the place, they seem to be coming from the hole that the satelite TV cable comes in from and I cant stop them. They go right for my trash can, which is now empty might I add. But yeah they explore all over the place, they were on my bed and crawling on me.

So I decided on sleeping in the living room today but even worst, it's too hot in the living room. So im back online writing in this LJ because myspace doesnt work and I have no one to freakin complain and bitch to.

Speaking of bitching and complaining, I WANT MY CAMERA!! THIS DAMN GIRL BETTER CALL ME UP SOON OR IM GOING TO GO OVER TO HER HOUSE AND STEAL HERS (Its a freakin nice Olympus camera just like my old one except more pixels). She lost my "okay takes decent pictures with the right setup" camera, but its the only camera I had and I have fun taking pictures of non sense.

Anyways...I hope this week goes alot smoother, and alot cooler. But I dont mind the heat, believe it or not I like it. Im losing weight much easier , might pass out, but what the hell.

Oh and check it out, my web design class from highschool...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

and look there I am!! Ah I miss that class, one of my favorite classes back in highschool...that and English.
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The Raconteurs latest [24 Jul 2006|02:45am]

The Raconteurs-Hands

This is their latest video I believe, I dont know how to describe them, you be the judge, I like this music and this band alot.
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[24 Jul 2006|01:09am]
The Raconteurs were amazing!! They collaborated really well and in the time they had together as a band, they've really released a great cd.

Seeing them live at The Wiltern leaves me hopeful for a new album. I hope they create another album with a spunky southern rock sound.

Keep an eye out on The Raconteurs

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Cityscapes [19 Jul 2006|05:29pm]
If you love photography and like to take pictures of famous landmarks or buildings...anything that strikes your interest about the city you live in or the city you visit...add back CITYSCAPES

My post today, Walt Disney Concert Hall taken December 20, 2005..I miss my camera!!!!!!!!!!

Full Size is on Cityscapes
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Flip, burst your hip, make a move, dont quit [19 Jul 2006|01:17pm]
This layout I think is getting old and I wanna do something to it.

I need Ideas, so yeah if you got any please send them my way.

Thank you to those who have emailed me who no longer have their old LJ, Ill be adding you back later.

I have a myspace so if you want to be added, reply back email or LJ, and send me your URL.

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